An Award Winning Quality

With so much innovation and focus on new and better technology, Quick-Step® has won multiple awards, including best laminate manufacturer for it’s revolutionary IMPRESSIVE, water proof and genuine wood grained flagship laminate floor.





100% Scratch Proof

All Quick-Step® laminate floors are equipped with extra durable layers coating the surface. This patented Scratch-Guard® makes these floors almost impossible to scratch. Be it sand under the shoes, pebbles or the usual traffic over long periods of time, this floor is designed to take it!

The patented, protective Scratch Guard top layer ensures you’ll enjoy your beautiful, natural-looking floor for years to come. The ultra-resistant layer makes Quick-Step laminate flooring up to ten times more resistant to micro scratches.

Don’t believe us? Ask our sales agents to scratch the surface with sand paper or even a blade when you visit us.




Longterm Warranty

Buying a new floor is a long term investment. We appreciate and value that.

Quick-Step® laminate floors are designed to last even the toughest of lifestyles.

With a constant dedication to improvement Quick-Step® has developed a truly long lasting laminate floor that will take whatever you throw at it.

All Quick-Step® floors are rated as from service class 32, heavy domestic to medium commercial usage.


Enjoy your floors for a lifetime with the warranties:

-15 to 25 years domestic warranty

-Up to 10 years commercial warranty

-10 years wet area warranty on waterproof ranges