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Decomagna Ltd, the official distributor of Quick-Step flooring in Kenya. We specializing in laminate flooring, engineered wood, and click vinyl, made in Belgum.

Home transformation ideas, how the right floor can change a house into a home.

Discover the best flooring materials in Kenya from Belgium and renovate your house in a matter of days.


Have any questions about our Quick-Step flooring products? Chances are you'll find the answers in this Question & Answer sheet. Discover more about our products & services in Kenya and Nairobi.

Grey Escape: Unleash Bold Laminate Flooring in Your Nairobi Home

Want a bold modern look for your Nairobi home? Explore the unexpected with grey laminate flooring! Decomagna Limited offers durable, affordable Quick-Step laminates (Made in Belgium) and expert installation. Embrace the grey revolution - contact us today!

Elevate Your Kenyan Home with Quick-Step Laminate Flooring

Elevate Your Kenyan Home with Quick-Step Laminate Flooring Looking to upgrade your Kenyan home with stylish, durable flooring? Look no further than Quick-Step laminate! Quick-Step offers a world-renowned laminate flooring solution perfect for the Kenyan market. Discover the world-class quality of Quick-Step laminate flooring! Explore its durability, stunning designs, easy installation, and perfect suitability for the Kenyan climate. Find out why Quick-Step is the ideal choice for your Kenyan home!

How Your Floor Can Change the Entire Look of Your Home (And Why Quick-Step Laminate Reigns Supreme)

Tired of outdated floors dragging down your Nairobi home? Discover how Quick-Step laminate flooring, exclusively distributed by DecoMagna – Nairobi's laminate experts – can transform your space. Effortless installation, waterproof durability, and stunning wood-like finishes at an affordable price. Upgrade your Nairobi home today! (Search laminate flooring Nairobi, Quick-Step laminate Kenya, DecoMagna laminate flooring)