Quick-Step - Kenya - Laminate Flooring - Engineered wood - Vinyl flooring - made in Belgium

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Decomagna Ltd, the official distributor of Quick-Step flooring in Kenya. We specializing in laminate flooring, engineered wood, and click vinyl, made in Belgum.

  • For the first time ever, you can install timber everywhere in your home, thanks to Amato’s waterproof surface with waterproof click.

Decomagna proudly executed a remarkable flooring project for The Design Gallery located in Westlands, Nairobi. Our team of experts showcased their expertise and commitment to excellence, transforming the gallery's interior spaces with exquisite flooring solutions. From stunning laminate options to luxurious engineered wood, Decomagna delivered flooring that seamlessly merged style, durability, and functionality. The meticulous installation process ensured a flawless finish that surpassed expectations. Trust Decomagna to provide exceptional flooring solutions for your project, just as we did for The Design Gallery in Westlands Nairobi.