Aug. 2, 2019 | Flooring

What’s the price for your products?


Our laminates start as from 1940 Ksh per square meter.

This is for the 15 year warranty LOC-FLOOR, which also has a splash and scratch resistance.





We also offer the new ENDURANCE collection that starts as from 1990 Ksh per square meter and comes with a 20 year warranty and a 10 year warranty.





Upwards of that we go into the commercial grade materials that are rated for commercial applications such as hotels, restaurants, etc..

These are also designed to be installed in bathrooms & kitchens and come with a 10 year wet area warranty.

Price for this water-proof collection starts as from 2800 Ksh per square meter.




The flagship IMPRESSIVE collection that features fully true to nature designs, look & feel goes for 3500 Ksh per square meter.


What products do you offer?


As the official extension to Quick-Step in East Africa, we supply a large majority of the products Quick-Step manufactures, this means:

  • Laminate flooring (AC4 - AC5)

  • Engineered Wood (AC4-AC6)

  • Vinyl flooring


Is this inclusive of the UNDERLAY?


Yes, all prices given are inclusive of VAT as well as underlay. 

The underlay provided is the standard type that works well in homes and small to medium sized businesses.

Special underlays (silent walk, Unisound, Thermo level) come at an extra cost.


Where are the products made?


 All Quick-Step products are manufactured in Belgium, by UNILIN at the large Wielsbeke factory.

The products are then dispatched from Belgium to Kenya.

Every step, from design, to manufacturing are done in Belgium.





Belgium is world renown for its advanced wood & paneling products that are among the best in the world.


Do you offer installation services?


Yes! We offer installation services for all our products.

Our teams are well trained and accredited the title of Master Installer by Quick-Step international.

Find out about MASTER INSTALLER 

All our teams are fully equipped with tools, safety gear, survey tools, sensors & meters, to carry out a perfect installation.

And just in case, Decomagna ltd only ask for payment for the installation AFTER completion and approval from you!


Where are you located?


We are located in Karen Hardy, not far from the Giraffe Center, in the southern suburbs of Nairobi. (follow this link to a google maps pin)

We have also partnered with industry players on the market to bring our products closer to you:


  • Westlands: Victoria Court

  • Ruaka: Executive pros ldt

  • Donholm: Floor masters Kenya

  • Industrial area: Wood Products ltd


To find out more about our locations follow this link.


Why choose laminate flooring?


Laminate flooring combines the best features of wood flooring with the durability, ease of maintenance and lifespan allowed by the technological innovations.

Laminate flooring looks, feels and inspires the spirit just like wood, with a warm touch and feel.

It is impossible to achieve such a finish with tiles of vinyls.





Laminates also remain warm to the touch and so is an ideal product to install for those with sensitive feet.


What’s the advantage of these products over tiles?


Laminates are especially good for places where tiles are too cold and not appealing but where wood flooring remains too expensive and maintenance is too demanding.


Due to the top layer of aluminium oxide that coats the laminates, they are virtually waterproof, scratch proof and require little to no maintenance.





Laminates are also a very affordable solution with no compromise in quality and finish.


Another great feature about laminates is that they are easy and fast to install with minimal mess as no grout/cement/glue is required to install.


Do you offer vinyl flooring?


We offer click-vinyls, these are sold as individual planks that use the patented Quick-Step uniclic system to interlock.

These vinyls are thicker than cushion vinyls (5mm) and are a lot more durable but come at a higher price.

The main reason for the click system against the glue down rolls is that no glue/solvent is used in the installation, which means that they are non toxic or dangerous to the environment.

It also means that the installation services are faster and cheaper.


How do you maintain these floors?


Laminates & vinyls are very easy to maintain. They perform in a similar way to tiles and should be mopped regularly to keep clean. Unlike engineered wood and parquet flooring, there is no need to apply varnish, wax or stains. There is also no need to sand the floors. Essentially mopping is the only requirement to keep your floors looking fresh and clean.


What happens when we’re out of Nairobi?


We offer our services across the country. For this we work with transport companies to deliver to you sample packs for your selection. Surveys can be organized at the small cost of transport.

Installations out of Nairobi are also possible. Depending on the size of the order we either transport the goods with company vehicles or go through transport companies.

Costing for this is based on the location and total volume of purchase.

Accomodation for the technical teams should be considered based on guidelines of 1000Ksh per installer per day/night.


What’s the procedure for the installations?


Standard procedure for installation are determined after a survey is carried out.

Teams will first clear the current floor and make sure it is ready for the installation. This means that the floor must be level and clear of debris.

We advise clients to clear out their room from furniture.

The installation of laminates is done after the walls are painted, glass installed and any other major interior works are complete.

We can install an average of 50m per day, inclusive of skirting boards, profiles and finishing touches.


Do you offer site surveys?


We offer FREE site surveys within Nairobi and suburbs (Karen, Atthi River, Juja, etc…).

Surveys outside of Nairobi can be organised at a small charge that is fully refunded on purchase of the materials.

This cost covers transport to site & food for the technician.

In some cases if you are ready to wait a few days we can combine your survey with other tasks in the area, which will significantly reduce the cost of the survey.


Do you do transport?


Decomagna ltd offer multiple transport options, based on distance, volume of purchase and time-frame.

Within Nairobi transport is free of charge on condition that the installation is carried out by Decomagna ltd.

If you want to carry out the installation yourself or through a third party installer transport charges are 23 Ksh per kilometer. This also applies to installations out of Nairobi.


What is splash-resistance?


Splash resistance refers to the type of waterproofing applied to your new floor.

Collections such as the LOC-FLOOR, ENDURANCE and ELIGNA-WIDE come equipped with the splash-resistance. This means that the floors are designed to withstand daily water exposure from mopping/cleaning, occasional water spills (ie.Left your window open, someone dropped a bucket of water, etc...). These floors are however not designed to be used in places where there is a constant exposure to water (ie. Bathrooms).


What is water-resistance?


Fully water-resistant laminates are available such as the CLASSIC, ELIGNA and IMPRESSIVE collections. With the use of the patented HYDROSEAL technology these floors are designed to be used in bathrooms, kitchens, spa’s etc…

HYDROSEAL uses special, patented hydrophobic nano-coatings to stop water from coming into contact with the laminates.

Installation is a critical part of this type of installation as special compounds are used to seal off the cut edges around the skirting boards to prevent water from going under the floor.


What does the warranty cover?


Quick-step warranties cover a majority of the performance requirements for the daily usage of your flooring in your respective field:

  • Scratch resistance 

  • Water resistance

  • Pet resistance

  • Resistance to sunlight (UV)

  • Resistance to maintenance and soap products

  • Joint integrity (against joint separation)

  • Fade resistance (loss of color, shine or design)

What is AC rating, is it important?


AC rating otherwise known as abrasion criteria determines the surface resistance of the laminates, vinyls or engineered wood.




The guideline below determines the best AC rating for you:


AC 1     Residential, Moderate Traffic: Suitable for bedrooms or guest rooms             AC 2    Residential, General Traffic: Suitable for living rooms or dining rooms             AC 3     Residential, Heavy Traffic: Suitable for all areas                         AC 4     Commercial, Moderate Traffic: Hotel rooms, small office                     AC 5     Commercial, General Traffic: Office, boutique, café


Quick-Step laminates start as from AC4 which is the ideal rating for homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, etc…

AC5 rated floors are mostly used in industrial grade installations with very high traffic (ie.Airport, train station, etc..)


What is the thickness of the materials?


All Quick-Step laminate floors are manufactured with a HDF core (HDF = High density fibreboard).

As such a key question to ask is the density of the HDF core. 

Our floors start at 7mm (15 and 20 years warranty), 8mm (25 years to lifetime warranty) and 9.5mm.

We urge our patrons not to pay excessive attention to thickness as the impact on the lifespan of the floors is minimal.

Generally speaking 7mm is ideal for homes and small to medium residential spaces. 

High traffic commercial spaces would benefit from the extra thickness in the 8mm options.