Laminate Flooring: Why they are becoming trendy in Kenya

Laminate Flooring: Why they are becoming trendy in Kenya

May 17, 2019 | Flooring

Laminate flooring have become the go-to wood flooring option for most Kenyans, this is because in a majority of the cases the main components in laminates are sourced from renewable/green plantations or from recycled materials. This is a trend which not only allows for cost effective materials but also remains an eco-friendly solution.

Of course other aspects what impact the actual ecological & health implications are VOC’s (Volatile organic components), these encompass the bonding agents used to create the materials as well as any chemicals that are used in any process of the making or fixing of the planks.

When shopping for flooring we urge people to be on the lookout for these VOC’s and not use any materials that ranks above an A+.

Now laminates have evolved tremendously since their discovery about half a century ago and are now, in some cases, more durable than the real hardwood counterparts. This is in part due to the surface coating technologies used (ScratchGuard in the case of Quick-Step) that make it almost impossible to scratch the floors (even with a knife or scissors) in fact we often give our clients a sharp object to try and scratch the boards, when they visit our offices.