Quick-step® Original Staircase Solutions

Finish you staircase to match your floor with Quick-Step® Incizo technology.

We stock matching stair noses for all our flooring products. With the patented Incizo technology by Quick-Step, stairs have never been so beautiful and easy to install! Discover for yourself.

Fast, easy to install and designed to match our flooring options

So how is it done?

When you’re installing laminate flooring in a home with stairs, Quick•Step has the tools that not only make laminate stair installation quick and easy … they make it beautiful!

The key is the Incizo 5-in-1 molding profile and its easy-to-use cutting tool. This single piece of molding can be used for all your transition needs, making the most complicated laminate stair installations a breeze.

At Decomagna Ltd, we put a lot of effort in giving you a full, turn-key solution. That’s why for every floor you pick from our selection, we have matching stair case solutions.

Take a look at the installation procedure on the videos below