Now that you've got yourself a fabulous floor, the only thing left is to give your floor a refined finish with our selection of skirting boards, quartre rounds, profiles and mouldings.

Our accessories are designed to match perfectly with your floor and trim the finishing to perfection, leaving you with a full sense of completion and elegance.

Finish your flooring perfectly with our selection of premium accessories.

Skirting Boards:

Scotia, discrete small size skirting boards for seamless floor to wall transitions.

width 1.7 cm
height 1.7 cm
length 240 cm

Standard, skirting boards for wall finishes with medium height.

width 1.2 cm
height 5.8 cm
length 240 cm

Parquet, large skirting boards with chaneling for cables & fittings.

width 1.4 cm
height 7.7 cm
length 240 cm


Profiles are important when transitioning from one floor type to another and are designed to create a smooth cross-over from tiles to laminates.

Profiles are also important when finishing a door leading to an exterior setting.

We offer a range of profiles either aluminium or HDF, with matching colors to your floors.