What's a Quick-Step Master Installer?

What's a Quick-Step Master Installer?

Aug. 2, 2019 | Flooring

Develop and enhance your flooring installation skills, learn from the best flooring professionals, enjoy accreditation and many other benefits. Leading flooring brand Quick-Step is synonymous with superior quality and innovation in all its products. To continue our commitment to our customers in delivering uncompromising excellence, we are offering professional flooring installers first class skills and accreditation in the preparation, installation, finishing and maintenance of engineered timber and laminate flooring.

The Quick-Step Academy offers a comprehensive three-day flooring installation course that has been meticulously created by Quick- Step’s trained expert staff in Belgium and overseas. The purpose is simple – flooring installers who complete the course will get a competitive advantage over their rivals and the Academy will provide installers with knowledge, skills, formal credentials and qualifications that makes them the best in the business.

Training will be at the training academy which is fitted out with a large training area and seven dedicated training bays. The training bays are equipped with the latest floor installation tools and technology, giving the installers the best of the best when it comes to training excellence. Technical team doing an installation of flooring laiminates in Kenya 2019
You don’t need to look any further for the best technical knowledge and expertise in flooring and installation training, than Quick-Step’s National Training Manager, Nathan Davis.

“The course will build on their knowledge of pre-installation evaluations, screeds, adhesives and more difficult and intricate flooring installations.
The three day course is extremely intense, yet very rewarding. It is a mixture of discussions, presentations, and most important of all, up to five practical installations in the training bays, with one on one mentoring throughout the course.”