We won the First Prize at the KICC Kenya Homes Expo, agai...

We won the First Prize at the KICC Kenya Homes Expo, again...

Oct. 14, 2019 | Flooring

We did it again!! For the fourth consecutive time Quick-Step Kenya has been awarded as the leading flooring supplier in Kenya and East Africa!

We were honored to have been selected by the jury as the leading supplier of floors as we presented our latest and best flooring collections straight from Belgium!

The 29th edition of the Kenya Homes Expo, the biggest Homes & Interiors Expo in East Africa came to a close on Sunday the  13th of October 2019 and attracted over 10,000 visitors from across Africa.

We were proud of the quality of products showcased at the event and faced stiff competition but came out on top due to the high quality of our products and affordable pricing.

We have been titled as the best flooring suppliers in East-Africa with a brand (Quick-Step floor designers) that has won multiple awards worldwide including the prestigious Interiors Monthly Awards.


The award covered not only the premium quality of the products we offer (made in Belgium) but also the quality of service we offer our patrons, from free site surveys to in-house installation services!!!