Water-proof laminate floors, fact or myth?

Water-proof laminate floors, fact or myth?

By Quick-Step | Feb. 25, 2019 | Flooring

It's a big question! Are laminates capable of withstanding prolonged exposure to water? We all heard from our suppliers that their laminates are water-proof, but is this possible?

Let's start by understanding what laminate floors are:

They're made of a wood composite material that's kept together with various resins, it's affordable, very durable and of course beautiful. Great! Good quality laminates can be checked by their HDF (high density fibreboard) density.

We won't discuss MDF (medium density fibreboard) as they are simply not good for floors...

It's only in recent years that the term waterproof has made an appearance, with technology allowing manufacturers to up-the-anti for the flooring industry.
Quick-Step® had developed and patented a number of trend-setting technologies with its recent HydroSeal technology that truly makes the floors waterproof.
Have you ever seen the videos of a special spray being used on paper, tissues, cloth, etc.., that makes them fully waterproof?  
Well, Hydroseal uses the same nano-particle hydrophobic technology to create a barrier between the floors & water.

So, that's it? Fully waterproof laminate flooring does exist?

Yes, but of course a great laminate floor without a proper installation won't help out. Imagine installing roofing panes but leaving a big hole in between...  

To give an example of this, laminate floors, being a natural based product, are designed to expand & contract depending on humidity & temperature. The thickness remains the same.
This means installers need to consider expansion areas around the wall edges that allow movement to the floor. (Don't worry, you will never see the movement), now these edges are exposed to water.

We recommend using soft silicone that seals these edges but also allows for expansion such as the Quick-Step hydrokit.

Laminate floors have come a long way and have made a name for themselves as a cost effective but very durable flooring solution. The recent technologies released by Quick-Step now give it a 10 year wet-area warranty.

For more on the selection discover Impressive, Eligna & Classic, by Quick-step (available in Kenya).