Tips when choosing the right floor colour

Tips when choosing the right floor colour

By Marija | Nov. 13, 2018 | Flooring

Tip 1: Think about the room size

No matter how big or small the room is, the colour of your floor will always have a major impact on the feeling of space you get in a room. Is your room large and wide? Than you might want to consider using warm or dark tones, like wengé or walnut, for your new floor. These colours tend to make large rooms seem smaller, what makesthem a lot more cozy.

And the best part is, this effect also works in the other direction. If you are cramped for space in a tiny room, using the right colours can make all the difference. Try using lighter, natural floor colours like beiges or light oak. These shades have the ability to really open up a room, without you having to throw out half of your furniture.

Choosing the right colour for your flooring is essential for interior design.

Tip 2: The effect of colours

The way you decorate and the colours you choose for your floor and walls, will all have a huge impact on the atmosphere in the room. Light colours will give the space a sunnier, happier feel. Shades of yellow stand for optimism and fun, while white and light beige will give the room a sense of openness and purity. Want to keep your interior peaceful and cool? Than go for timeless grey tones. An interior dominated by brown colours, will have a very natural and rustic feel, while black stands for luxury and class. A black floor also gives the room a powerful and dramatic edge, full of contrast.

Each floor colour has a impact on the atmosphere in the room.

Tip 3: Use the light

Throughout the day, the lighting in your room changes gradually. Judging a floor sample colour at night, in artificial light, will give you a very different impression than during mid-afternoon in the natural sunlight. So make sure you judge the samples at different times of the day, with different lighting.

Take a second to think about what kind of light you want for your new floor. A kitchen you walk in and out all day long, a bedroom that’s night-only or a children’s play room that they only use in the afternoon… every room type has its own unique lighting.

Every room type has its own unique lighting.

Tip 4: Mind the bigger picture

Don’t choose your floor colour based on an empty room. Make sure it also matches the broader style and feel you want to give your interior. Do you have some design furniture that you want to emphasize? Then use natural colours, that will create a neutral canvas and allow your furniture to take center stage. Red tones bring a sense of luxury and go well with heavy, colonial furnishings. In general, brown tints are the best match for a country-style interior.

It’s always a good idea to take along some elements that represent your interior. A throw pillow, a paint chip or a cabinet wood sample from the room that’s getting a new floor, can be a great help determine the right colour. Using these samples, will make your decision a lot easier.



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