Decomagna ltd introduces our LeoLine cushion vinyl "mkeka...

Decomagna ltd introduces our LeoLine cushion vinyl "mkeka" flooring.

April 7, 2020 | Flooring

Decomagna introduces IVC's LeoLine® collection of cushion vinyl flooring (Mkeka) in Kenya.

A fully waterproof vinyl floor, that's not only afforbable but top of it's class in every aspect.

We offer three categories of flooring of LeoLine:

- 5 years warranty at 1300 Ksh/m2

- 7 years warranty at 1500 Ksh/m2

- 15 years warranty at 1700 Ksh/m2

"Our focus was to offer a floor that scored top of it's class, in comparison to what is currently on the market, internationally [...], after  long research period of vetting and selection, we picked IVS's LeoLine sheet vinyl (Mkeka) flooring, which checked all the boxes in terms of affordability, durability and versatility."

Rated Service-Class 23-32, LeoLine flooring is designed for homes and well as medium sized businesses.

Fully waterproof LeoLine flooring can also be used in bathrooms and kitchens and even for wall cladding!!

With water resistance and comfort underfoot, Leoline vinyl floors make for a practical and beautiful solution in bathrooms. Discover just how beautiful here.

Leoline Cushion Flooring Collection

The Leoline cushion flooring collection brings your home the natural beauty of wood and stone and the best in trend-led design. Soft and warm underfoot, quiet, simple to look after and a breeze to fit, Leoline cushion vinyl makes flooring style easy.