Laminate Flooring: Why they are becoming trendy in Kenya

The laminate movement is gathering momentum at an incredible rate. Everyone who's looking at redoing their floros are turning to laminates for their quality, easy of maintenance and competitive cost. Discover why.

Published on: May 17, 2019

Quick-Step wins the FIRST PRIZE at the Kenya Homes Expo 2019

KICC Kenya Homes Expo, the biggest homes expo in East Africa. Decomagna ltd, Quick-Step-Kenya wins the first prize at the Homes Expo in April 2019. Quick-Step, the biggest flooring manufacturer in the world has broken into the East African market with its new collections & has won as leading interior supplier & fitter for its latest laminate flooring, engineered wood & vinyl flooring collections.

Published on: April 16, 2019

Quick-Step at the 28th Kenya Homes Expo 2019

28th Kenya Homes Expo, KICC Nairobi. Construction & Interiors exhibition. Quick-Step flooring at the Homes Expo 2019. Visit our stand in the Tsavo Ballroom Interior awards, Kenya Flooring expo Laminate Flooring kenya homes Endurance flooring New collection 2019 Decomagna ltd partners with Kenya Homes Expo for flooring installation

Published on: March 26, 2019

Quick-Step® flooring partners with Lordship Africa for the flagship 88 Nairobi condominium.

Quick-Step flooring giant from Belgium recently partnered with Lordship Africa in their flagship 88 Nairobi luxury condominium in Upper-Hill in Kenya. Quick-Step Eligna-Wide Reclaimed Chestnut Brown laminate flooring from Belgium. Water-proof, 25 years warranty, AC4 rated 8mm floors. Decomagna handled the installation of the laminate flooring, transitions & finishing. Dark Oak finish, affordable but durable floor solutions.

Published on: March 14, 2019

Water-proof laminate floors, fact or myth?

Can laminate floors be water-proof or water resistant? Let's look into the features of true waterproof laminates and what they mean.

Published on: Feb. 25, 2019

A classy Quick-Step catwalk at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia

Glitter, glamour, elegance, style… You will find it all at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. And while you’re taking in the stunning designs, perhaps your eye will be drawn to the equally stunning floor? With Quick-Step as the official sponsor, there will be plenty of opportunities to admire the many items chosen specifically for this world-famous event.

Published on: Feb. 15, 2019

Best floor for high traffic areas

Heavy traffic demands that you install a tough, durable and solid flooring that can stand up to the wear and tear of high traffic and continue to look good for several years. After all, who wants to have new flooring installed in a hallway or kitchen, only to have to pull it up and replace it a couple of years later?

Published on: Nov. 14, 2018

Tips when choosing the right floor colour

Interior decorators and architects study long and hard to master the art of colour matching. So, don’t feel inadequate if, when choosing the perfect floor colour to complement your interior, you are baffled by the endless possibilities. However, Decomagna Ltd. Kenya is happy to offer you a few basic tips:

Published on: Nov. 13, 2018