Quick-step® Original Matching Accessories

For every floor you choose we offer matching accessories and finishes

Be it skirting boards, T-profiles, step down profiles, stair noses and bases or pipe covers, at Decomagna Ltd we offer a full turn-key solution for all your flooring needs.

Appreciate a clean and complete finish for our selection of accessories

Because the details really matter!

Quick-Step pipe covers

Quick-Step skirting boards

Quick-Step Incizo profiles

Perfectly color matching skirting boards and profiles for every Quick-Step® floor

matching skirting boards, profiles and finishes
  • Matching colors

Quick-Step has skirting boards with perfectly matching colors for every floor.

  •  Scratch resistant laminate skirting boards

This means they can really take the rough and tumble of every day life.

  •  Quick-Step warranty

Skirting boards come with the same warranty as Quick-Step floors. That’s years and years without worries.

  • Different sizes, to fit your needs

We have three different sized skirting boards, from the small Scotia giving an infinity finish to the large Largo skirting that brings character to your finishes.

  • Metal or wood profiles

Doors leading outside? We’d suggest metal profiles. If it’s a transition in the house, then pick away from our large selection of colors.

See them in action