Keeping Your Laminate Floor In Perfect Shape

It’s incredible how easy it is to maintain a laminate floor

The magic of laminate floors is that they have the natural beauty of hardwood floors with an unprecedented ease of maintenance for an everyday usage.


Use a brush, dust mop or vacuum cleaner to remove dust from your floor on a regular basis. The Uniclic locking technology on all Quick-Step floors will prevent any dust from penetrating in the joints.


Use a soft detergent mixed with cold water in a bucket to mop your laminate floors. After dipping your mop in the water and soap solution, make sure to wring it to remove excess water.

For hard to remove stains:

With an acetone based solvent, softly wipe the surface of the floor spot with stain until. The spot should disappear very fast.

In case of spill of thicker substances, such as gypsum:

Use a masonry scraper to gently scrape of the unwanted buildup material. Remember to do this carefully and with a mildly dull blade.


    • You can clean Quick-Step laminate floors either dry or damp, but don’t flood it. Slightly moist is best. Add some Quick-Step cleaning product to your bucket to get rid of those greasy build-ups.
    • Want to clean your floor like a pro? Use the Quick-Step Cleaning Kit, which comes with a mop holder, a microfibre mop, and a bottle of Quick-Step cleaning product, so you have everything you need within reach.
    • If your floor has bevelled edges or V-grooves, always vacuum it first. If you decide to use a damp mop afterwards, always finish cleaning with a microfibre cloth.
    • Use the Quick-Step cleaning kit, available at Decomagna ltd. The kit comes equipped with a special nano-fiber mop and the Quick-Step cleaning solution.